we are ypatia: a worker's coop working for multidisciplinary social innovation

what we do

Multidisciplinary social innovation. We provide custom made digital solutions, product and digital design with customized work methoodology.

We use our individual and combined expertise for and in collaboration with groups and communities that work transparently and correspond to our values.

why 'ypatia'?

how we do it

We are a working cooperative. We believe in democratic, co-owned and inclusive workspace based on mutual respect with feminist and 'proto-stage'-socialist principles. We promote equal pay and gender balance, Open Source and preservation of privacy as pilars of our work.

Our open list of values: Equality, integrity, solidarity, transparency, trust, empathy, commitment, respect, fun, flexibility, support, efficiency, sharing, evolution, inclusivity, respect, equity, reliability, modesty, meritocracy, creativity, non-discrimination, inspiration, innovation, multi-disciplinarity, boldness, accountability, impartiality.

who we are


software developer, tech lead and project manager with experience of more than 10 years in the tech indutry. Since some years now working towards bringing more diversity and balance to the IT industry. Passionate about creating open source software, especially when it enables people to feel heard, to participate in the commons and to self organise. Some of my code is at https://github.com/aspasia


Biologist, ecologist and hydrologist with experience in environmental projects that build-up knowledge for improved natural resource management by multiple stakeholders. Obsessed with closing the gap between science and people by connecting scientific knowledge with people's preexisting knowledge and their needs. https://radioambulante.org/ https://www.nikonsmallworld.com/ https://www.abccolombia.org/


Educated lawyer with experience in European law especially licenses (FOSS), GDPR and all private company law issues. Interested in raising awareness surrounding Human Rights, Free and Open-Source software and Intellectual property. Passionate Project manager (LEDGER. eu) and avid promoter of Open Knowledge.


Mathematician, specialized in probabilities and stochastic analysis. Currently working as a PhD student in National Technical University of Athens. Also working as a math teacher trying to inspire kids and all kinds of students to do maths and search for proofs. Love to solve all kinds of puzzles.


Interactive artist & designer of story-based and participatory experiences, blending digital/physical and online/offline interactions. More than 10 years of expertience in mobile technology and augmented realities, and more recent in sensory design and interactive performance. Explore her work: www.klasien.nl


Bookkeeper and administrator with more than 20 years of experience in the accounting field. Focused on researching and analyzing accounting data, auditing financial information for Horizon H2020 projects and preparing accounts and tax returns. The motto is ''Torture numbers and they will confess to anything''.